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I was expected to work when really ill. I could barely walk. Was owed loads of overtime and it was never paid. Warehouse operative. Dirty warehouse expected to work like a machine and hit ridicilous targets and you can be let go at anytime , and on top for all the effort you are expected to put in you get national minimum wage,.

Not motivating. Normal day at work would be just stacking shelves and cleaning up and occasionally dealing with customers when mostly all they needed was to know where something was. Its a very friendly environment and relaxed also manager is very amazing he makes us feel happy and make sure if we are happy with working with them area mangers is very great. Austell, Cornwall — 12 September Worst place to work for. The lie to one another and never help other members.

You can work your darn hardest for them and the manager will take the full credit. If the manager does one wrong thing The thing i loved the most was the people i worked with there was never a dull day. This was most definitely my favourite job simply because of my colleagues even though we were always laughing we always got the job done no matter what it was. A terrible company to work for avoid at all costs. Poor management no care for their employees and how they talk to their staff.

Will refuse to give correct breaks. Poorly ran company Expecting you to work 7 days a week Incorrect pay. Multi-cultral staff.

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Fast pace warehouse, working in all sections of the warehouse with staff from many different countries and backgrounds. Heavy lifting and working as part of a team on a daily basis.

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Great place to work for your first job. Great place to work for your first job, would say it is very good to gain the first bit of initial confidence you need when dealing with the public, i would also say that i learn't a lot about customer service in my time there. Friendly and flexiable environment. Staff are friendly, management are fair but strict.

Easy environment to work in, fast pace shop always work to be done or customers to be served. Have to work on your own, make decisions and then also work as a team. Best thing I did.

Excellent place to work unsecured about future of store and management issues apart from that best thing I did amazing people amazing staff amazing company. Lasted 5 week's. Not the cleanest ,not most organised place to work. To many people driving llops at break neck speed , and lots of ignorant staff. Just dont. The company thinks about the money more than its staff cuting shops budgets all the time so only 2 member of staff at any one time to run a store that's all most like a supermarket. The last time poundstretcher had these they were 36p each or three for a pound, still cheaper than the big own stores brand.

That first post is funny. And it's cheaper than Tesco Ignore the haters OP! Just to clarify, I post deals which I think help others and not being criticized for posting these deals.! I don't think IT is a "hot UK deal"..

I spotted this post and thought Anyhow, give the poster "rosalina " their much deserved gold star!! These look identical to the set I bought from gearbest over a year ago. Very cheap construction, the battery doesn't last long, under 90 mins. The sound is pretty tinny too. We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. More information Agree.

Posted 4 h, 30 m ago Posted 4 h, 30 m ago Local Local. Maxi muscle protein bars at poundstretcher, Southport, quite a lot of boxes, not sure if it's national.

Posted 8 h, 2 m ago Posted 8 h, 2 m ago Local Local. From Parkhead Retail Park, Glasgow, earlier. Going to put some in a stew tonight, wish me luck!! Dewhurst Flav… Read more. Nice in soups louiselouise Added because I take pictures walking around shops and send them via Facebook Messenger usually my sister's stuck at home more than I am! Funkadelic Heat for the stock pots deal. Posted 26th Oct Posted 26th Oct.


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Saw this at my local poundstretcher for only 49p a bottle. Seen them priced much higher in other supermarkets. In store only.

MBeeching Yeah fine for 49p but it's a quid at Sainsbury's and making regular appearances at all the discount stores. Heat added for the price flirt suedebloke With the amount of sugar and vinegar in this plus it's only a best before and not a use by i wouldn't worry.

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup 1. As this is on their website it should be available nationally, some were in stock at Bargain Buys S… Read more. BattleBeast1 Not as good as it used to be Check on Iceland website too. They are ideal for sh… Read more. Deal Alerts! Want the hottest deals in your inbox? Subscribe to receive an overview of the hottest deals posted each day. Grabbed this today as I need a temporary hospital cage for one of my rats.

Sealant removal and smoothing tools. Good value. It is a tender crunchy biscuit. It is an excellent snack at work, at school, on the… Read more. Pualle I avoid palm oil as much as possible.

Method cleaning products have been spotted in Poundstretcher for £1

Pualle Palm oil warriors, like greased pigs, it's easy to give them the slip. Posted 16th Oct Posted 16th Oct. We all want teeth with a natural white gleam, and with this ml XOC Charcoal Toothpaste, you can have just that! The activated charcoal helps restore natural whiteness as well as… Read more. Diet Pepsi 1. May the force be with you! Gabi Here's the production plant. Olivav Is that an offspring of Beer, Energy drink and Kombucha threesome? Gollywood Paid full price for these and they tasted really nice. Biggushlong That first post is funny.

Besford Thick bleach - bet I know which way it voted! It's at the end opposite Lidl.